Maoli Waves!

Friday night Coober, Gidge, Jewell, Ermandalee and I went on a field trip, a night out with a group of friends for the sheer fun of it. We decided earlier this week we would go surfing, as this was a new experience for Ermandalee and Jewell who never rode the waves in SL before!

Surfin III - The Dudettes
Getting ready and waiting for Coobs

Gidge suggested Maoli Waves, and so that was the place we gathered.
Maoli Waves, also home of the Maoli Waves Mainstore for beach- and surfwear and surfboards, is a surf sim. The waves and surfing are what is it about, so you will not find any exciting landscaping, clubs or other things to do or see, but that makes sense. It is a nice, open, spacious water sim and most important : it has a wonderful set of waves and you can rezz free surfboards on the beach, meaning you can have endless fun and all for free! (note: you can bring and use your own board too!)

Surfin' - Coobs owns this wave!
Coober owns this wave!

I love surfing in Second Life but it has been a while and now I feel sorry about it….have you ever tried it? No? Oh…come on, hop over to Maoli Waves and go for it! The free boards are excellent and the waves are perfectly lined up. It is fun to do it alone too!

Surfin'- a boss!
Jewell, like a boss!

[Field Trip] Hanging with the gang!
Left to right: Caity, Coober, Gidge, Ermandalee and Jewell. (Image by Gidgette Adagio on  Flickr)

Note: images in this blog-post are post-processed and enhanced in Photoshop, as they do not really feature the landscaping/buildings in this case.



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  1. LOVE surfing on SL, that looks like it was such fun! must get out and test out those waters!!

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