Knights, preferably in shining armour…

This week Strawberry Singh came with yet another great challenge on Monday, one I just had to do: portray yourself as a movie character. Not easy, I thought at first, as I like many movies but found it impossible to think of a character I wanted to portray. Then, without him even knowing it himself – Coobs came to the rescue when he tp’ed me to a lovely island together with Jewell and Gidge and asked us to pose with him for a fantasy battle picture he had in mind. So, us girls dug into inventories got all mean and fierce and armed, and we posed.

Now, amongst many movies I love, medieval/fantasy themes are in my list of favourite themes. Knights, battles, princes, name it. And tataaa…that was just what we were doing tonight!
So my contribution to the challenge is a bit vague, as I do not have a specific Knight or character to show, but I caught Coobs in close-up while we were waiting his instructions, and he turned out to look quite the Knight in Shining Armour – like the ones I love to see in the movies!
Shining Armour

The picture it was all about, is this one by Coobs Galicia ‘Call to Arms’

A Call to Arms

* Coobs’ awesome armour is from PFC and available @ The Secret Affair
* Pictures shot on location: Tucks Misty Isle (which I will need to explore some more soon!)


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