Girls night out: horseback riding in Calas Galadhon Park

Every now and then it is nice to do something in Second Life with a group of friends, other then going to a club or sit somewhere and chat, and so it happened that last night the lovely Kerena Zhangsun invited us to come horseback riding in the Calas Galadhon Park, where she lives and works.
Us being: Becky, Kahleesi, Romie and me. Ylva was invited too, but unfortunately did not make it.

A great idea and we all looked forward to it very much, exploring those magnificent sims by horse with Kerena as our tour-guide! Oh and she promised drinks afterwards, always a plus!

A Girls Night Out Horse riding - I
From left to right: Kerena, Becky, Caity, Kahleesi and Romie


Of course, part of the fun of these kind of field trips is to get dressed into the theme and for me it also meant I got to use my horse, Merlot – which had been sitting in my inventory way too long.

One does not need to own a horse to go riding in the parks, there are rezzers which provide free horse, so Romie and Kahleesi rezzed a rent-a-horse while Becky, Kerena and myself saddled up our own horses (all three are from Realistek, the rideables, which are truly gorgeous horses!).
It took a bit of practice at the field we started – in Glanduin – , but after some minutes and the occasional re-log, lost boots, pants and a few new horses…we hit the trail!

A Girls Night Out  Horse riding - VI
Admiring the view, while waiting for Romie and Kahleesi to catch up


We followed Kerena, who led the way, and it was great. The only hiccups happened on sim-border crossings, the rent-a-horses sadly did not survive the crossings well – unlike the Realisteks, so we had to wait a few times for Kahleesi and Romie to get a new horse and catch up. No big deal, it gave us time to chat and take pictures. After all this was a social evening and for fun.
Eventually Kahleesi gave up on her horse and continued the ride by bike, Romie followed us on an invisible horse (heh!) and later decided to just wait for us at the end point.

A Girls Night Out  Horse riding - II
A brief stop at the lovely Pet Memorial


This isn’t a blogpost about the location per se, as I was not actually exploring and taking pics all the time – but merely about having a good time and enjoying the horseback riding. I managed to take some pics though, but didn’t write down the exact locations.

After 1,5 hours we reached the end destination – well, it was where we started – and after a group picture (it is the header images of this blogpost)  we headed to the Dolphin bar, for some well deserved drinks!

A Girls Night Out  Horse riding - V


Thanks  Kahleesi, Romie, Becky for the wonderful evening and the fun and special thanks and hugs to Kerena for organising this!

A Girls Night Out Horse riding - III


9 Comments Add yours

  1. What a wonderful and fun experience. I love riding at the Calas. Look: – I even filmed it.

    1. It was fun! And what a cool video you made! Thanks for sharing that :)

  2. Ylva says:

    Looks like it was fun and undoubtedly a lot of laughs. Wish I could have made it.

    1. Kerena says:

      We missed you Ylva! Hopefully next time you will be able to join us.

    2. Becky says:

      There will be more!

  3. Kerena says:

    It was great! Almost felt like a real trail ride to me sans the sore butt and bugs, or having to brush down the horse after ;) So glad we did this!

  4. beautiful post. i love the horses

  5. Becky says:

    As I said to Kerena about her flickr pic, I’m amazed we travelled through 9 regions in as little as 1.5 hours! Even better, I only managed to fall off the path and land in the water once! Thanks so much for grabbing pics as we went Caity, they are beautiful.

  6. Horseback riding is one of the activities I enjoy most in Second. Never knew I could ride my horses at Calas and nine regions? woot! The photos are lovely too ♥

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