Cica Ghost’s new installation in her sim is called Prison, and as she describes:

In this prison, all the doors will open for you, and you’ll be able to escape at any time. But you won’t feel like going away. And even when you finally leave, you will want to come back.’

Yes, the doors open..but only to lead you to another space surrounded by bars. Endless bars……

Prison - III

It is an intriguing place, it doesn’t really feel like a prison but it has something strange. What I love about it? The bars make an excellent playground to try out all kind of wind-lights and see the effects of the shadows. Lovely and surprising and yeah, it kept me entertained for a while!

Prison - II

I usually do not take pics of myself when shooting for my blog, but tonight I was not my old self..haha. I am wearing the Muerte mesh avatar by [sYs], a rare in their gacha at the new round of The Fantasy Collective, and because I love how it looks I wanted to show it off a bit. Maybe this will be my new daily mesh body!
Prison - I

Prison is well worth a visit, take your time to find the doors and explore and have fun!

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