Annon, The Gate

Via the SL Destination Guide (what would I do without it!!) I discovered a beautiful sim, Annon. It has several amazing castles. The one I liked most is The Gate. An impressive monastery built on a rock, surrounded by waves (a bit too noisy to my taste), populated with seals and seagulls and huge waterfalls. It is typical one of those sims you just go to enjoy the scenery …I sat down in the grass while writing some notecards and chatting with friends..just lovely!

I will surely go back to explore the other parts of this mystical place :).

When you go there, make sure to set your view distance far….as in over 500 meters, for best views :)


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  1. bee baroque says:

    oh, that looks really beautiful…! bookmarked, and i am so going there as soon as i go inworld again tomorrow. i really enjoy your discoveries, thanks for posting about them! <3

    1. thanks, Bee, for your kind comment :) Happy to read you enjoy my blogs!

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