Taiga – A Forest

“I hear his voice
calling my name
the sound is deep
in the dark
I hear his voice
and start to run
into the trees
into the trees”


Taiga is a dark (well, depending on your windlight settings) and huge forest. A sim filled with trees. And rocks. And a lake. It is also a public sandbox, but when I was there I was all alone and I thought it must be the prettiest sandbox on the grid!

There is not much to do, so if you are into action and stuff…than you may be disappointed or find it boring, but if you like to take beautiful pictures, play with settings and appreciate a well designed nature sim, this is the place to visit!
Oh, there are some cabins and even a bar near the lake where you can sit and relax, and watch moose and squirrels drink beer and play cards!


“Suddenly I stop
but i know it’s too late
I’m lost in a forest
all alone”






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