Oubliette – for Autumn and Summer!

After a little shopping I was looking for a nice location to take pictures of my recent purchases, I always prefer an actual location over a studio.  I browsed through my ridiculous large folder of LM’s and saw Oubliette. It did not ring a bell immediately but of course once I got there I facepalmed myself: it is the home of Evie’s Closet Mainstore, from whom I have many wonderful outfits!

On the groundlevel however, you will find a very colourful Autumn setting, very orange and wild! Great! The fun was when I walked around and went up the hills…I found myself in Summer again, which was wonderful!

A great sim to do some inworld shopping and then wander around in the woods downstairs…Places like this is why I love to shop inworld!

Oubliette - IIOubliette - III

Oh! The stuff I bought and wanted to show off, I almost forgot…I got this cool mask from *Illusions* (it has many colour options) and this dress from The Plastik at We <3 Roleplay!

Oubliette - I


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