TitaNawak, Iceberg straight ahead!

Well, for the TitaNawak, a HUGE cruiseship, this warning came too late and it already hit the iceberg…

I visited this wonderful place this morning, and even though it’s spring in my RL and temperatures are finally into 2 digits, I could feel the ice cold in France Portnawak.

TitaNawak - I

The TitaNawak is tilting over already, after it hit an iceberg and in the surrounding cold sea lots of debris, furniture and artworks are floating (some with funny poses!)…a scene of disaster! However, you can still wander around in the ship, if you have steady legs…and sit and chill out or have a romantic moment with a special one, while waiting for the ship to finally sink. Well, or maybe it doesn’t and it just stays like this! Who knows :).


TitaNawak - II

TitaNawak - IV

TitaNawak - III


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  1. The interior of that ship looks amazing.

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