I’m an Albatraoz

I am one of those people that wake up with a song stuck in their head, almost every day. It is always quite random and said song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. It could be an oldie or a new one, hard rock or classic, hiphop or jazz….because well..it is random!

This morning I woke up with ‘I am an Albatroaz‘ ….speaking of random! It’s catchy and silly and so when I logged in Second Life over breakfast I decided to use the song for a happy picture, somewhat inspired by the videoclip. For the heck of it.

Madames et Monsieurs S'il vous plaît:  I am an Albatraoz!


I took the picture on one of my favourite sims, Santaurio, the home of Jac and Romy. ( I have blogged about it in the past, you need to join the group – 300 LS – for full access but then you not only have access to a gorgeous, photogenic, sim, but also are able to rez props for pics, I find it worth the linden dollars!).
Anyway, as happens often on my lazy Sundays I sat down and zoomed around and took some pictures which I directly uploaded to Flickr, while sipping my coffee and listening to that silly song over and over again!
Sunday afternoon @ Santaurio - II

Sunday afternoon @ Santaurio - III

And while I was at it, I also got into an artsyfartsy mood and made this picture, which is post processed:


So that’s my Sunday…hope you are having a good one too!


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