Bury your fears, bury your dreams

Not quite the cheerful post title ever is it? It is the title of a new art installation at MetaLes, by Selavy Oh, so excuse me for the sombre headline!

I’ve not found a lot of background information on this work, but then….maybe I didn’t try hard enough…
Bury your fears - III - A blogpost

The work is mesmerizing – as it moves around and combined with the music on the stream it makes it a different experience. My guess is that this work is based on the poem/book by Selavy, which you can read and buy here. It may be an acquired taste, but somehow I enjoyed it!

Bury your fears - II - A blogpost


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  1. Ux says:

    Thanks for the post Caitlin :]]

  2. Great post – it’s a cool epigram and cool art.

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