The Sounds of Poems in OtherWorld

OtherWorld, the bright and mysterious land created and sponsored by Elicio Ember – Cerridwen’s Cauldron, is the home of the Literary Festival of the Fantasy Faire. Last night I attended the “Sounds of Poems”, a wonderful way to explore the place – zooming with my camera – while listening to several writers who read their,…


Looking for some sun and beach to spend a lazy afternoon, in Mediterranean ambiance? Or do you feel like strolling around and admire the Tuscan mansions? Noelia Island is perfect for that, and more!

Days of O

Even an experienced, ahem, explorer like me makes the occasional mistake – but you have to live and learn, right? It started this weekend when I read a plurk from Froukje, who was excited about a new (adult) sim, named Days of O. Naturally I went to see it, if only to get a LM…


What else to do on a quiet Friday night than ..exploring! While browsing the Destination Guide, Nusquam got my attention – as I remembered the name from some fabulous pics I had seen on Flickr. So there I went, hoping it looked as good as promised!

Playa Flamingo

Last night I received a notice in the SL Blogger Support group, about a new location: Playa Flamingo, owned and decorated by Marcus (marcus688.resident) who has generously opened this for all who want to take pictures and..the coming few days rezzing is allowed too (please clean up after yourselves!).

Daydreaming in Everlong

Today I explored a watery, dreamy, location called: Everlong. Filled with wonderfully decorated spots, this is certainly a place to find yourself a comfy chair (plenty of those!) and enjoy the environment.


When I saw a picture and small description in the Destination Guide about Imesha, I thought it would be a nice change of scenery to visit! A futuristic city, with bright lights and dark alleys, high in the sky.

The Yorkshire Moors

Today I visited The Yorkshire Moors, which is the home of PinkRayne (and her mainstore Rayne Couture), which she recently has redecorated and landscaped into her real life environment: The Yorkshire Moors! Pink has transformed her sim into a gorgeous place, and even though I have never been to the real life Yorkshire Moors, I…

Gates of Memories

Today I took the time for some exploring and ended up in a gorgeous, snowy, place called Gates of Memories. There is not much information to be found, or maybe it completely missed it!, other than the land description tells us: We don’t remember days, we remember moments

China in your hand…

The title of this blogpost is from a song I often play, China in your hand by T’Pau, a typical 80’s song but for all kind of reasons it means a lot to me. ‘Your dreams..are china in your hand‘, precious and vulnerable. As is life. Yeah, this is my annual post with some reflection…