Rebeca Bashly’s Chronophobia

It has been a while since I tried to produce an SL machinima, but yesterday I felt in the mood and wanted to do a blogpost with a video. And what better topic than Rebeca Bashly’s art installation on Split Screen, ‘Chronophobia’.

I always love Rebeca’s work and this piece is no exception, though it may be a little eerie and sombre, not quite the spring and Happy Easter feeling, but hey hoo!

Now, I am going to admit filming in SL isn’t something I am experienced in, but practice makes perfect, right? So I enjoyed shooting clips – using Fraps – after I fiddled for ages to find the right wind=light and camera smoothness. After dinner I rushed back to my PC to go edit the wonderful shots I made. Only to discover I had made the biggest and most stupid mistake….I had forgotten to disable the UI. So on all my superb footage, you could see my sidebars, the mouse cursor, my LS balance and all that. I was mortified and so disappointed, how could I not have noticed this while filming?!
In a fit of rage I deleted all the clips, two hours of work down the drain and had a very bad case of the ‘meh’.

Anyway, I went back this morning and made sure – triple checking – I had all settings right, but the only thing I couldn’t reproduce was the amazing windlight settings I had last night.
Live and learn, eh!

I am quite happy with this result, I know I have to keep practicing though! The music I editted into the clip I found via Huckleberry Hax’s blog, the downloads of these free compositions from Kevin McLeoad can be found here, which I thought fitting for the mood of this.

The art installation is wonderful, you should go have a look!




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  1. Lovely video, Caitlin! It’s been a while since I visited any of Rebecca’s work, and this certainly has me motivated.

    I’m glad you found Kevin MacLeod’s music archive helpful. I think it’s an amazing archive.

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