A Goodbye to The Trace

The Trace is, without doubt, the most featured sim on my blog. I have in the past 1, 5 year been a regular visitor of this wonderful place and was always excited when the seasons changed, as Kylie Jaxxon – the lovely owner – has such an elegant and tasteful way of decorating. Yes, I am being all fangirlie now, but I mean it.

The Trace will close tomorrow, because Kylie has to take care of herself in RL and deal with health issues. It is sad to see The Trace go, but it is of course most important for Kylie to recover and focus on herself. As she said in some plurk messages: she is will be back in Spring 2015. Well, I for one, am counting on that!

If you have not been to The Trace before, or lately, today and tomorrow (I am not sure at what time it will close) is your chance and yeah..you should go see it!

I hope you join me in wishing Kylie all the best and a speedy recovery and I want to thank her for being so generous in sharing her home with all of us, to enjoy and explore!

Get well, Kylie..and see you in Spring- with or without sim, hugs!

A Goodbye to The Trace

Slurl: removed as this old sim has been gone since November 2014

The Trace on Flickr

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  1. Raza Lane says:

    Thanks for this post Cait. I have managed to come here and visit The Trace today, closing day, and It is such a beautiful place. I feel lucky to have been able to get here before it closed, thanks to your blog post! Raza

  2. kyliejaxxon says:

    Thank you so much, Caity <3 You & I go back a long way, and know you will always be in my heart :) See you soon…

  3. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:

    A hashtag used on various social media on Thursdays, meaning: Throwback Thursday, accompanied by a picture or a post from the past you want to feature again, or just share.
    I choose for todays #TBT this blogpost from November, about the closure of The Trace>
    This week Kylie Jaxxon’s accounts have disappeared, inworld and on Plurk – and her blog is gone too. Assuming and fearing the worst, it is possible she did not recover as she thought and hoped.
    As I do not know for sure, I will leave it at this and again thank Kylie for being so kind and friendly and also so generous to share her sims with us.

    Her last Trace is still open and can be visited, here is the link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Trace%20Too/102/127/27

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