Location in the Spotlight: The Trace Too

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This month I am happy to feature The Trace Too, one of the sims in SL that have seasonal changes and never disappoint – and also: it is very photographer/blogger friendly, so a good reason to ask owner/landscaper/decorator Kylie Jaxxon to tell us a bit more about her The…

Daydreaming in Everlong

Today I explored a watery, dreamy, location called: Everlong. Filled with wonderfully decorated spots, this is certainly a place to find yourself a comfy chair (plenty of those!) and enjoy the environment.

Telrunya – Forest of Dreams

It has been too long since I’v enjoyed some fantasy places in Second Life, and today I found I needed to be my elf again! To my delight I ended up in a gorgeous place, Telrunya – Forest of Dreams, with plenty of magic and fantasy to immerse in!

The Yorkshire Moors

Today I visited The Yorkshire Moors, which is the home of PinkRayne (and her mainstore Rayne Couture), which she recently has redecorated and landscaped into her real life environment: The Yorkshire Moors! Pink has transformed her sim into a gorgeous place, and even though I have never been to the real life Yorkshire Moors, I…

Gates of Memories

Today I took the time for some exploring and ended up in a gorgeous, snowy, place called Gates of Memories. There is not much information to be found, or maybe it completely missed it!, other than the land description tells us: We don’t remember days, we remember moments

Maison de L’Amitie

As usual, in this time of year, there are dozens – if not dozens of dozens – winter themed sims with snow and all sorts of Holiday decorations and activities. I find it therefore not so easy to explore real nice ones, although I am sure there are lots of them. Also, I’d rather not…


A few days ago I explored Lucienne (Adult), an urban/rural sim, with quite some nice spots and photogenic areas. Some streets, with homes that are occupied by tenants (so I didn’t snoop around in those) and public areas! My week has been all kinds of hectic in Real Life and while I usually find enough…

Amatorum – classy, gorgeous and sexy

A few weeks ago Luna Jubilee opened a new sim, Amatorum. An adult region, catering to mature residents looking for a classy environment without being judged on occasional adult activities. The place is also gorgeous to explore, with many lovely secluded corners for privacy and super for taking pictures. However, in order to be able…

First snow: Baby it’s cold outside

It can be difficult to know where to begin. Have you found your story? If you have never experienced a transmission of unfathomable proportions, it can be difficult to dream. Have you found your mission? Seek, look within and develop yourself.

Lighting the lights!

As every year, the madness about Christmas and the decorating of homes and lands started on the last day of November. I always found, and maybe still find, that way too early. In Real Life, I would never, ever, get out Christmas decorations before the 5th of December and usually I only start with decorations…