Don’t make me drop that apple!

Last night and this morning, in between all the real life hassles of having my chimney replaced and some more dreadful phonecalls to the insurance agency….I found some time to explore the sim of the soon to be opened new event : Enchantment in SL.

This event is all about fairy tales and will have a 3 months cycle, the first one opens to the public at noon SLT on 1 November, and the first theme is: Snow White!
(I will update my blog with the landmark when it is open, or shortly before, as is requested by the organisation – to avoid disappointment when people try to TP in already).

Snow White…what a lovely theme! I am not going to blog – much – about the great outfits and accessoires you can get there, I have already seen those on the various fashion-blogs and in Flickr and I can recommend anyone to have a look at those for inspiration!

Ahem, having said that…I could not resist dressing up as some sort of Snow White when I was there, but it was so much fun! (credits at end of blogpost)

Enchantment - IV

I have explored the location and it is  quite wonderful! Besides the shops there is plenty of empty space, lovely decorated in either Autumn or Winter, so it makes a cool place for pictures. Specially the huge castle is an eyecatcher.

Enchantment - I Enchantment - IIEnchantment - V

For more pictures there is the Enchantmentment Flickrgroup and for more information and vendorlists there is the official website

What I am wearing on the first picture:
* Devious Mind’s ‘Lil Miss Snow’, it comes with stockings and garter (not wearing them), the apple and LOLA Tango appliers (soon avaible at Enchantment)
* Hair from Pollen Hair
* Baphomet Horns by RO (from Body Mod Expo)
* Thigh High boots Pesca from BB (from DU5 event)
* DRD Demonhands

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